Recently, protestors had shifted target to MTR stations in response to the company’s recent arrangements in co-operating with the police force by deliberately targeting participants by closing down multiple stations prior to demonstrations since the 23rd last month. Even more shockingly, on the 31st, MTR viciously closed down 5 lines to aid police capture, preventing protestors from returning home. Many were arrested and assaulted by police as a result. (Related events by HKRev.info:824 Kwun Tong March 5 stations were closed ,  8.25 Tsuen-Kwai-Tsing stations around Kwai Fong were closed, 2019.08.31 Raptor Squad Breached Into Prince Edward Station, Assaulted Civilians and Denied Rescue Duty )

Police violence – Collage of Abuse Ascending order
January 1, 2020 2:20 pm
The New Year Rally organized by Civil Human Rights Front originally obtained the Letter of No Objection from the police. However, the police ordered the rally to be ended after clashes between police and protesters in Wan Chai. The Civil Human Rights Front suggested that there were 1.03 million citizens participated in the rally, which was one-seventh of...
December 31, 2019 6:00 pm
On New Year's Eve, which was also the fourth month after the 831 Prince Edward incident, Hong Kong citizens formed human chain in different districts. Some gathered outside of Prince Edward MTR station. (more…)
December 19, 2019 12:00 pm
The Police has allegedly cracked down on Spark Alliance, a non-profit group providing financial aid to pro-democracy protesters, over allegations of money laundering. The Police has seized $70 million of funds, including bank deposits, as well as investment and insurance products. Senior Superintendent Chan Wai-kei states that three men and a female, aged from 17 to 50 years...
November 25, 2019 12:00 am
The anti-establishment reverberations from almost six months of street protests swept through polling stations across Hong Kong, with a record turnout of 71.2%. Around 2,940,000 of 4,132,977 registered voters cast their ballots. Among the 452 seats up for grabs, the pan-democrats were victorious in 387, winning 85% of the seats.   Registration and Electoral Office announced the final...
November 20, 2019 10:18 pm
At 6 PM EST, the United States Senate passed the Senate's version of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act with unanimous consent, as well as the Protect Hong Kong Act which prohibits the export of non-lethal weapons to Hong Kong. Demosistō which maintained close contact with congressmen who support the act explained that because the version...