The Truth About Hong Kong

Carrie Lam speaks about IPCC report in a press conference, with a backdrop with the words “The Truth About Hong Kong” written on it.


“Truth” has a sense of philosophy, religion and ultimate in it. Journalists seek the truth, but rarely claim that the truth is sought. Facts that can be confirmed are already valuable information.

It is also a historian’s responsibility to seek the truth. Edward Carr, who wrote “What is History”, does not easily say the word “truth”, because there are many sides of facts. Facts are not intact, and are oftentimes contradictory. What a historian can to, is to collect factual information, polish them, and try to achieve widely accepted core interpretation that is closest to the truth.

The Truth About Hong Kong? The truth is, standing under the words “The Truth About Hong Kong”, Carrie Lam, who has only 777 electoral votes and a support rating of only 17%, has only a weak legitimacy to rule.

The Truth About Hong Kong? The truth is, a power-hungry government that lacks legitimacy uses “truth” as keyword to educate its people about the “truth”. The Ministry of Truth in 1984 is in formation. Referring to everything as “truth” is exactly what the Ministry of Truth does.

The Truth About Hong Kong? The truth is, her ruling relies on a police force of 30,000, and the operation of LegCo relies on retired police officers who are now working as LegCo security guards.

The truth is, five foreign experts have quit the expert panel of IPCC in expression of their shame to work for this regime, and criticised the report as the new “truth”. The truth is, a lot of the details described in the report deviates from the facts. IPCC contradicts itself in that it lacks the authority to investigate but confirms the police’s perspective as credible.

The truth about Hong Kong? The truth is, to “take care of the sentiments of the people”, a history question in public examination has to be cancelled; the truth is, officer of the Education Bureau openly states that “some historical matters are not to be openly discussed”, history education “is to educate students to have the sense of belonging to its race”.

The truth is, struggle session has started. The government is reorganising the civil servant crew. LegCo is deploying security guard to seize power with force. RTHK has to be punished. Journalists have to be tamed. Protests have to be quenched with gathering restrictions.

The truth of Hong Kong? Look at the 1,000 page IPCC report. Look at the backdrop for Carrie Lam’s “press conference of truth” . The truth is, the government with all its power, wealth and people, has the ability to create dazzling truth.


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