Yuen Long gangsters amassed and attacked civilians at the “Lennon Wall” with expandable batons. Riot police arrived on scene, praised the assailants and searched lawmakers.

Suspected gangsters once again launched an attack against civilians in Yuen Long. At 11pm on 30th January, allegedly more than 10 people attacked several teenagers at the “Lennon Wall” opposite Yuen Long West Rail Station. 4 boys and 2 girls were injured. The assailant fled towards Nam Pin Wai after the attack. The injured teenagers were later admitted to hospital. Most of them suffered head injury and some needed stitches.

Mr. Tommy Cheung Sau-yin, Yuen Long District Councilor, said that he was with a group of teenagers sticking posters at the aforementioned location at around 6pm. They left the “Lennon Wall’ for dinner and later returned to check out the posters. As they returned, they were ambushed by about 10 thugs, 6 people including one 16-year-old teenager could not run away and were surrounded and beaten. One of the teenagers was even smashed on his head by a glass bottle and bled severely.

Tommy later posted on Facebook, saying that it is a premeditated attack and is essentially another “721 incident”, only of a lesser degree. “The attack did not occur when someone was sticking posters. A group of “sau zuk”(Literally means “hands and feet”, which refers to other protesters) was simply passing by when the attack occurred. It is outrageous. We will definitely look into this matter. My fellow colleagues in the District Council will arrange an additional session in the upcoming special general meeting on Monday to discuss the safety problems around rural areas, this attack and problems concerning fireworks during Lunar New Year. We will follow up all these issues very seriously.”

Mr. Ng Kin-wai, District Councillor of Kingswood North, Yuen Long, quoted from the injured teenagers that several people suddenly rushed from Nam Pin Wai Village to the Lennon Wall and indiscriminately assaulted the teenagers and all people passing by, at the same time scolding them “cockroaches”. Ng said that a station sergeant told him that he would lead a group of ten riot police officers and try to cut off the assailant inside Nam Pin Wai Village. However Ng saw them later standing idle at the entrance of the Village, and therefore entering the village himself to look for the assailant. He exited the village about half an hour with no discoveries except that half the riot police officers had left the scene.

Ng further pointed out that the Lennon Wall at Yuen Long West Rail Station had been damaged many times by mobs. Some innocent civilians were also attacked and the police arrested no one after receiving reports of the attack. He thinks that the police would never do its best to apprehend the assailants after the 7.21 incident and are basically incompetent.

The police said that they received a report at 11pm, which said that some 10 people were fighting at the aforementioned location. 6 people, who aged 16-42, were found injured when police arrived on scene. They were sent to a hospital. A 30-year-old female victim was robbed of her mobile phone which is worth $10000. Police tried cutting off the assailants. The case is classified as wounding and robbery, and is being followed up by team 1 of the Anti Triad Squad of Yuen Long District. No one is arrested at the moment.

3 victims, along with several Yuen Long District Councillors, held a press conference on 6th February to describe the attack. Some victims’ ribs were broken. One victim needed 7 stitches on the right side of his forehead, 3 stitches on his nose bridge and another 3 at the back of his head. Victims said that some uniformed officers, who arrived on scene to conduct an investigation, praised the assailant doing a nice work. The victims are angry about that, “These are indeed Hong Kong Police!”

3 victims under the aliases Miss. A, Mr. B and Mr. C said that they were walking by exit G of Yuen Long West Rail Station on 30th January after having dinner. They halted at the Lennon Wall nearby to look at the posters. They found 2 suspicious middle-aged men wandering around the Lennon Wall amid their stay. Suddenly 7 to 8 men dashed to the Lennon Wall from the opposite sides of the road. These men yelled at the 6 people including them, “Is it you? Is it you?”

Before the victims can react, those men kicked them and beat them with bare hands, paint scrapers and at least 2 expandable metal batons. The attack lasted 10 to 15 minutes. Uniformed officers arrived on scene couple minutes after the assailant escaped.

Mr. C needed 7 stitches on the right side of his forehead, 3 stitches on his nose bridge and another 3 at the back of his head. There are also numerous bruises all over his body. Mr. B’s eighth and twelfth right ribs were fractured. Miss A suffered injuries on her head and back. She said that the assailant “noticed she is female and therefore violently struck her in the head.

Miss A said that she heard some uniformed officers on scene praised the assailant for doing a nice work and is very angry about it. Mr. C said that the mobs beat those reading the posters into submission in order to scare and silence them. The mobs, however, do not represent civilians living in Yuen Long. He thinks that most people are “awakened” after the 7.21 incident and were clearly shown through the District Council election. “However these mobs attack and attack again, this is something that cannot be changed.” said Mr. C.

Mr. Li Chung-chi, District Councillor of Kam Tin, Yuen Long, also complained that officers on scene allowed other civilians to enter the crime scene while conducting an investigation. He has therefore contacted Mr. Chan Hon-ming, Deputy District Commander of Yuen Long District. Chan said that the officers’ action was inappropriate. He would report this incident to relevant personnel. Mr. Lai Kwok-wing, District Councillor of Shui Pin, Yuen Long, pointed out that several minutes after the first batch of officers left, another group of about 70 riot police officers from the Kowloon district came. After they left the vehicle, they immediately searched all civilians on scene, including the victims of the assault and all district councillors.

These officers showed very poor attitude. Some of them pressed civilians against the call, shook their cans of pepper spray and pointed them towards civilians at close range. Some officers even said that “they become nervous and scared when there are many people.” Lai doubted whether these riot police officers are fit for carrying weapons and performing their duties with such atrocious mental abilities.

Mr. Wong Pak-yu, District Councillor of Tin Heng, Yuen Long, recorded the operational call signs of several riot police officers whose attitude was especially poor and will file a formal complaint. Wong quoted from Chan Hon-ming, Deputy District Commander of Yuen Long District, that the operational call signs are different in every field operation. Wong said that it is therefore extremely difficult to identify problematic officers. He therefore questioned the effectiveness of the complaint mechanism.

In Sin Kam Wah v HKSAR (2005) 8 HKCFAR 192, the Court of Final Appeal confirmed the 5 elements of the offence of misconduct in public office. The offence is committed where:

(1) a public official;
(2) in the course of or in relation to his public office;
(3) wilfully misconducts himself; by act or omission, for example, by wilfully neglecting or failing to perform his duty;
(4) without reasonable excuse or justification; and
(5) where such misconduct is serious, not trivial, having regard to the responsibilities of the office and the officeholder, the importance of the public objects which they serve and the nature and extent of the departure from those responsibilities.

Section 19 of the Offences against the Person Ordinance (Cap. 212):
Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm
Any person who unlawfully and maliciously wounds or inflicts any grievous bodily harm upon any other person, either with or without any weapon or instrument, shall be guilty of an offence triable upon indictment, and shall be liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

Section 54(2) of the Police Force Ordinance (Cap. 232):
(2) If a police officer finds any person in any street or other public place, or on board any vessel, or in any conveyance, at any hour of the day or night, whom he reasonably suspects of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit any offence, it shall be lawful for the police officer—
(a) to stop the person for the purpose of demanding that he produce proof of his identity for inspection by the police officer;
(b) to detain the person for a reasonable period while the police officer enquires whether or not the person is suspected of having committed any offence at any time;
(c) to search the person for anything that is likely to be of value (whether by itself or together with anything else) to the investigation of any offence that the person has committed, or is reasonably suspected of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit; and
(d) to detain the person during such period as is reasonably required for the purpose of such a search.

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