Young Man gets beaten into coma and dragged by Police. First-aid Treatment Gets Denied.

A young man was subdued by police in the lobby of Prince Edward Station. A witness said that the man vomited afterwards. It was suspected that he had a cervical spine injury, and he was sent to hospital with an oxygen mask and his neck fixed. A volunteer first aider pointed out afterwards that the casualty was unconscious and pale at the time. He had asked the uniformed police officers to remove the handcuffs but had got denied: “Was the arrest, or the rescue more important?” The police officers continued to pull the men, and dragged him to the front of the station control room.

First-aider Ken, who gave treatment to the unconscious man, condemned the police for obstructing the treatment which could led to the death of the man. The man had difficulty breathing, when he was receiving the treatment. Ken requested the police to remove the handcuffs, or it could be life threatening. He got denied. The man’s level of consciousness got lower and eventually he fell into a coma. His neck and back were swollen and might have broken his cervical spine or vertebrae.




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