Woman with asthma dies suddenly after inhaling tear gas three times

A middle-aged woman with asthma who had inhaled tear gas outside the Shatin Lucky Plaza, CUHK and PolyU in 2019 died suddenly at home after she could not breathe. In an interview with Ming Pao Daily News, the daughter and friends of the deceased questioned the harmful ingredients of tear gas which led to the death of her mother, calling on the community to pay attention to the harmful effects of the smoke grenades and demanding the police to disclose the ingredients of tear gas.

In the interview with Ming Pao, the deceased’s daughter and friends said that her mother did not care much about politics and was a “semi-Hong Kong ignorant housewife”, but later learned about the anti-ELAB movement through news. They said that the mother’s most aggressive act was in order to get the “kids” leave the scene (Shatin Lucky Plaza), she threw a glass bottle at the police.

That was the day (October 1) that the deceased first inhaled tear gas. She then felt unwell. After taking the medication, her health improved. She later inhaled tear gas again at the periphery of CUHK and PolyU. The deceased’s daughter said that her mother had been “coughing” since the siege of PolyU. She called an ambulance on 2 December because she could not breathe. Unfortunately, her mother passed away at home before the ambulance arrived.

The two friends and relatives interviewed questioned the police’s refusal to disclose the ingredients of the tear gas, and urged Hongkongers not to overlook the effects of tear gas on the human body and to address the harm caused. In a reply to Ming Pao, the police said that the main ingredient of the tear gas was “phthalomethacrylonitrile”, meaning that after leaving the tear gas range, the affected person could recover within a short period of time.

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