an arrested propaganda member Witnesses the excessive force of police

In mid October 2019, an unarmed citizen, nicknamed as Mr. Chan, was stopped and arrested by the riot police for possessing a laser pen and posters after posting propaganda posters in Mong Kok at 11P.M.. Chan witnessed police’s excessive use of force against another four gear-up arrested protesters in the police van. Police officers smacked their heads towards the car windows, dragged and pull their heads downwards, and swore at them.

Inside the police station, the injured arrestees receive no medical treatment. Police officers also taunted and mocked the arrestees by forcing them to say ‘I love police very much.’ When Chan was taken to record his statement, he heard incessant loud ‘Bang Bang Bang’ from other rooms, believing that someone was being assaulted. During the statement taking, a police officer threatened to beat him up. During detention, some arrestees alleged to be assaulted by police in their back and stomach. Some said their heads were viciously pressed on the table and the police slapped them in the face.



Apple Daily