Unreasonably conducted a full strip search

An arrestee, Ms Lui, was sent to a police station after being hospitalized. She was ordered into a room in a police station with two female officers for an unreasonable full strip search. She accused one of the officers of conducting the strip search without gloves, and of using a pen to force her to spread her legs by tapping her inner thighs. She also found that the other officer was staring at her with pleasure.

Her lawyer Benson Chan said a full strip search was unreasonable because Lui’s case didn’t involve any drugs or banned items. If the officers truly believed that this was the case, they should have worn gloves and the search should be done before she was hospitalized. “The only conclusion is that it was an abuse,” Chan added.

When Lui dressed herself and opened the door to leave, she found that more than 10 male officers were outside. “I was very embarrassed, I really wanted to cry.”


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The Stand News

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