Uniformed officers caught torturing old man in hospital, Complaints Against Police Office neglected their duties, lies after lies at press conference

Legislator Lam Cheuk-ting revealed, at a press conference on 20 Aug 2019, a CCTV footage of two uniformed officers torturing a 62-year-old arrestee in North District Hospital at midnight 25 June 2019. 

The 62-year-old victim was arrested for assault on police officers after quarrelling with others while he was drunk.

In the video, the officers cruelly inflicted torture on the elderly man for over 10 minutes. They repeatedly slapped the man, bashed him, twisted his wrist, squeezed his groin, removed his trousers and underwear to prod his groin with a baton, and so on.

During the torture, the man urinated due to incontinence which was caused by fear, and the officers even covered his nose and mouth with clothes that had urine on.

The old man tried to kill himself, by slamming his head against the metal bed frame, in the face of torture and abuse but the officers stopped him.

On 27 Jun 2019, one day after he had been tortured, the old man filed a complaint against the involved officers at the Complaint and Internal Investigation Branch (C&IIB). But the C&IIB officers never followed up and contacted him to take a legal statement in the subsequent two months. It was not until the security footage of the incident had been exposed to the public on 20 Aug 2019 that the police arrested the two officers who committed the crime. 

The police lied at a police press conference later on alleging that the complainant could not be reached in the last two months. But the fact was that the complainant, who was on bail during the period, had been reporting to a police station regularly on given days. The police also claimed that it was a “common knowledge” that there was no CCTV camera in hospital wards. Whereas the complainant had already told them there was indeed a CCTV camera when he lodged the complaint, and there was also a CCTV warning notice on the ward door.


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