Uni resident arrested by possession of dish detergent and cooking oil, seemed to be falsely claiming their uses to be illegal

Netizens echoed with the “Daybreak Operation” in 11 November by “three suspensions”, namely stop work, stop classes and stop the markets, and blocking traffic roads in local districts. Police officers fired rounds of tear gases to disperse the activists. A female student resident of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) was busted by possessing dish detergent, cooking oil and face masks when passing the Fire Services Department Wong Tai Sin Married Quarters, charged with possession of equipment for unlawful purposes. The case was heard on 13 November Kowloon City Magistrates’s Courts.

YIM Shun-yee Ada, the Acting Principal Magistrate, adjourned the case to 8 January 2020. Wong, 18, the defendant, was granted bail on HK$10,000 cash. The curfew was imposed to the defendant, who was as well forbidden to leave Hong Kong and requested to report to the police every day.

The defendant was charged by possession of offensive weapons with intent to use the same for any unlawful purpose. The charge alleges that Wong possessed a bottle of dish detergent, a bottle of cooking oil, a hammer, a bunch of cable tie and a pair of gas masks near the Fire Services Department Wong Tai Sin Rank And File Married Quarters.

Apple Daily