Undercover officers refused to show warrant card and tell journalists to ‘Use your brain’

The evidence of police:

At Causeway Bay, there were men dressed as protesters, wearing black T-shirts and masks and holding batons, assisted police officers to subdue protesters. One of the black shirt men was asked whether he was in the police force repeatedly by journalists, he then warned the journalists to put down their cameras, and claimed that his warrant card needed not to be exposed to the world. However, he had never answered that question clearly. The reporters asked ‘Why are you dressed as protesters? Are you plainclothes officers or just police officers?’ A black shirt man answered with ‘Police Public Relations Branch would answer the question later on.’ He was believed to be annoyed by the questions and told the reporters not to disturb him while he was working. After that, reporters continued to ask him whether he was a police, he doubted the reporters’ identity and demanded them to show their press card. Immediately, several journalists showed their press cards and a reporter from TVB showed his press card clearly and said ‘Reporter from TVB News!’ The officer then warned them to put down all their cameras and explained that his warrant card was not necessarily shown to the public. Yet, these black shirt men still had not admitted their identity as a police, and told journalists to ‘Think about it yourselves’. He even told specifically to a reporter from i-Cable News to judge with their professional knowledge learnt when he studied to become a reporter.


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