Unauthorized entry to Aberdeen Centre and show blue flag

A group of riot police (PTU) entered the shopping mall in Aberdeen Centre without authorization.  They showed the blue flag (warning crowds of the use of force) and claimed the neighbours illegally assembled in the area.  However, they left very soon.

According to No. 7 in Part III of Chapter 245 under Public Order Ordinance regarding regulation of public meetings, point 2(b) states clearly this ordinance does not apply to the meeting in private premises (whether or not the public or any section of the public are permitted to attend) where the attendance at the meeting does not exceed 500 persons (amended 77 of 1995 s. 6).

First of all, Aberdeen Centre is a private premise, police officers have no authority to search any people there.  They don’t have the right to show warnings by using the blue flag.  There are always many people in that area and there is no illegal assembly.  Don’t the police know the law and control themselves?