Triads from Tin Shui Wai assaulted citizens with fireworks, charged for ‘Illegal discharge of firecrackers or fireworks’ instead of ‘Malicious Wounding’

On 31 July, hundreds of citizens surrounded the Tin Shui Wai Police Station at midnight to show support for arrested teenagers at ‘Lennon Wall’. During that, a black private car with a seemingly fake car plate approached the crowd and launched a few shot of fireworks, causing burns to six men. Five of them were conscious at the time they were receiving medical treatment at Tin Shui Wai Hospital, while the remaining one refused to go to the hospital. The five men’s injuries ranged from bruises and burns to even suffer from tinnitus, blisters on the back and blood oozing. One of the injured said that his neck was diagnosed as second-degree burn and required to be treated with anti-biotics. After investigations, the Yuen Long Division Crime Investigation Department arrested three local men, surnamed Yau (aged 27), Chan (aged 34) and Kwok (aged 26) in Yuen Long for ‘Illegal discharge of firecrackers or fireworks’ and ‘Using of false instrument’. Overnight celebrity Ko Man-dik’s (Police ID 9203) true colours were exposed by netizens of LIHKG. Ko posted on Facebook claiming that ‘the protesters were creators of all chaos, their responsibility was to dodge legal responsibilities’, ‘even pig’s vaginas have their own uses, these protesters are still fucking completely useless’, and accusing reporters for covering the protesters’ retreats.


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