Traffic police out of life threatening situation fired three live rounds . The injured student in coma was still body searched by the police.

At 7:00 am on 11th November 2019 in Sai Wan Ho , a traffic police fired at least three rounds of live bullets, as he struggled with protesters, one of whom was clearly shot in the stomach and fell to the ground. Blood spilled all over the ground. As shown in the clip, Kwan Ka Wing, the traffic police officer, suddenly assaulted a man in white jacket who was standing idle, by pointing his pistol at the man’s chest. An unarmed young man nearby got up close in order to figure out the situation. Although he showed no sign of offensive behavior, the officer shot him in the stomach without any warning. Despite his conscious is lost and face pale, the man was not given any first-aid. Instead the officer tried to tie his hands up with nylon cable tie, after which he shook his body and pulled him up. However, no reaction was given by the man. The young man regain his consciousness when ambulance arrived to the scene. He tried to stand up and ran but was eventually subdued by the police.

It was reported that the bullet ran through the young man’s right kidney, liver and portal vein and stopped at his back. He was sent to Eastern Hospital to receive emergency surgery.

Up til 22nd November, the man was only charged with unlawful assembly, but not crimes related to ‘gun seizing’, which made people doubt if the police had overturned their own explanation of ‘the officer opened fire because the wounded man tried seizing his gun’. Chris Tang Ping-keung, the Commissioner of Police, only explained that the injured is subject to be charged with other accusations.