Traffic Police Falsely Accuses Driver of Car Modding

A driver was accused of car modding because the engine was “missing a screw” after police checked on a scratch on the front of the car. Officers claimed they had to put the car under custody for potential hazards.

The car is actually relatively, having been purchased 3 years ago and received a regular check-up by the manufacturer on 31st August. The driver immediately called his car agency KIA to see whether to there was indeed a missing screw, to which the reply was there was no screws missing, and it was designed that way and would not cause safety hazards. The driver was stuck between Tung Chung Police Station and the Fire Station, arguing non-stop with the officers. A few hours later, because of a lack of solid proof, the driver was finally allowed to drive away. There were 4 other cars that were tolled away for various reasons by the police.