The police use all weapons at cordon in three attempts to prevent protesters from leaving, committing crimes against humanity

On 18th November 2019 at 07:00am, hundreds of protesters took the lead in exploring the road out of the main entrance of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, leaving along Science Museum Road and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel respectively, but were surrounded by tear gas from police and hence they retreated to the campus. At one point, a Special Tactics Squad officer drew a revolver and threatened the protesters from advancing. The police even fired tear gas from a high position at the far side of the Hong Kong Coliseum, filling the entire Kowloon entrance of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel with CS gas and forcing two groups of protesters back to Polytechnic University. Some of them ran off to Chinachem Golden Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui East but were still intercepted by the Police Tactical Unit.

At around 8:00am, some PolyU protesters left the Y Core along Chatham Road South, but police then fired tear gas and the protesters retreated to PolyU. When the PolyU protesters were evacuated from A Core, the police again broke their promise and refused to allow students to leave the campus peacefully. The police launched a number of tear gas canisters on the students being evacuated at the junction of Chatham Road South and Austin Road.

At 12:30 afternoon, at the main entrance of Polytechnic University, nearly a hundred protesters holding umbrellas made a second attempt to break away from PolyU, but police unleashed a water cannon truck at the junction of Chatham Road South and fired a number of tear gas canisters. Eventually, the protesters returned to campus.

At 1:30p.m., protesters made a third attempt to break away from PolyU, with one group of protesters walking along Cheong Wan Road towards Austin Road and another group hoping to cross the road to Science Museum Road. Police Tactical Unit fired tear gas on three sides, and the demonstrators tried to return to the campus, Some officers of Police Tactical Unit suddenly rushed forward and subdued many people at the Cheong Wan Road Flyover. Some were dragged by the Police Tactical Unit on the ground and some were covered in blood.


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