Ambulanceman falsely accused for not fastening seat belt, and threatened to be charged for it by policeman

Police officer falsely alleged ambulance driver that had failed to wear seat belt. The cop also claimed to issue traffic summon to the driver. The incident, which was declared as a revenge taken on the ambulancemen and firemen who “fooled” the police, gone viral in social media groups of the police force in 4 November. However, staffs and patients in any fire service vehicles are legally exempted to wear seat belts. The post host later explained that police officer of Traffic New Territories South had contacted the Fire Services Department for the false allegation, adding that no summon would be issued to the ambulanceman.

The post host indicated that an ambulance driver was threatened by two police officers after driving patients from Tate’s Cairn Highway to Prince of Wales Hospital for failing to wear the seat belt in the day before. It was reported that the police force phoned the Fire Services Department and claimed the incident as merely a misunderstanding between the two parties. No ambulanceman will be charged regarding the case.

Citing from the text message rapidly circulated in social media groups among the cops, it is suspected that the police officers took revenge on the ambulanceman who “drove the patient away before the patient’s identity was registered by the police.” There were also texts calling other cops to take similar action when cases happen again in the future.

The author of the post also stressed that Department of Justice had already suggested that staffs and passengers of the police force and Fire Services Department may be exempted from wearing seat belts, regardless to the Road Traffic (Safety Equipment) Regulations. What the police officer had done was nothing but an intimidation to the ambulanceman.

Responding to the enquiry from Apple Daily, police spokesperson claimed the issue was occurred out of misunderstanding. After clarification, the police claimed that the two forces would “keep on joining hands together with sincerity and respect”, while the Fire Services Department indicated that they were still looking into the issue.


Apple Daily