The Head of the dormitory of Polytechnic University is Arrested

Ting Wai-Fong (Mommy Ting) was one of my teacher at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in the past. We all called her Mommy Ting because of her harmony, kindness and care.

She was arrested in this morning.

Mommy Ting was also the Head of the Dormitory at PolyU, so, she and her family lived in the dormitory at PolyU in the past and had moved out with retirement now.

When the police force surrounded PolyU yesterday, Mommy Ting was also at the university. Since the police force had closed all the exits, people were not possible to come out, no matter the background and the job, all were locked down indiscriminately, no one could escape.

Therefore, Mommy Ting led the social workers inside the campus, forming a small group, to provide emotional support as much as they can.

This morning, Mommy Ting received a call from the Vice-Principal of PolyU, saying “we have already coordinated with the police force, Mommy Ting can bring people inside the campus to leave the university safely.”

Thus, Mommy Ting brought her son along, walked to the campus entrance.

She and her son once stepped out the entrance,
they were arrested.

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