Tear Gas Shot in Pre-War Housing Block Burned Down Half of an Apartment

While Polytechnic University is still under siege, the Police keeps firing teach gas in the University´s neighbouring areas to disperse the citizens who were there to show support to the protestors on the campus. In the morning, the Police fired rounds of tear gas in the area of Austin Road in Jordan, some shot through the glass windows of the neighbouring apartments and set some homes in blaze. The resident claimed that the fire damaged half of the apartment and blamed the Police for “aiming at civilian homes without a cause”.

Before noon, demonstrators supporting the protestors on the besieged Poly U campus retreated from Tsim Sha Tsui to Jordan, some took the route along Austin Avenue towards Austin Road. Riot Police fired multiple rounds of tear gas to disperse them. Some of the tear gas shot through glass windows of the neighbouring apartments, setting the properties in lower floors in blaze.

Resident Ms. Kwok expressed in an interview,that it was about 10.45a.m. when her domestic helper phoned to inform her that gunshots were heard in the apartment, and found that a room of the apartment was in fire. By the time Ms. Kowk returned home, the fire was put out by firemen. But the apartment was defiled, walls, ceilings, furniture and cardboards were blackened by smoke. Mattresses were deformed by fire and property smelt burnt. Her daughter´s bedroom was damaged badly, “it was fortunate that my daughter left home 5 minutes before the incident, otherwise, she would have been burned dead.”

Ms.Kwok estimated that half of the apartment was damaged by fire. The firemen put out the fire and then the property was left under water. Currently she has no other shelter. She is now liaising with lawyer, and plans to have the apartment examined by professionals and experts to determine the cause of the fire, so to claim the Police for damage. She further expressed that the Police conducted their operations through the night which filled her apartment with smell of tear gas. “They were dispersing, was there a need to shoot tear gas as they were retreating?”. She had not imagined that tear gas would have landed in her home. She blamed the Police for “aiming at civilian homes without a cause. No matter how they disperse or effect arrest, they are not excuse to aim at citizens´ homes.”.
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