15 Year Old Suffers From Cranial Fracture After Being Bombarded by Tear Gas Round, Now Unconscious and Condition Critical

In Tin Shui Wai, a large crowd of civilians gathered near a police station, and some threw petroleum bombs at the police station. Police fired tear gas rounds in response at the Kingswood Richly Plaza, one of which were suspected to have injured the head of Mr. Fu, a 15 years old student. The tear gas round cracked his cranium and he was immediately deemed condition critical. He was sent to ICU at Tuen Mun Hospital for emergency treatment.

Fu’s family told journalists that his mother passed away a few years ago because of stomach cancer, and his father also passed away 3 years ago from diseases. He lived with his elder brother ever since, who rushed to the hospital with Fu’s uncle and 3 of his classmates upon knowing of the tragedy.