Tear gas hit a private vehicle, driver felt unwell

At early hours on the 1st November, during the police tear gas fire nearby New Town Mall (intersection between Argyle Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street), the tyre of a citizen’s private vehicle was hit by tear gas bullet. A spectator stated that tear gas was not fired level to the car, but was reflected to hit the tyre after riot police fired it at the ground, immobilizing the car. He also stated that there was heavy tear gas smell inside the compartment, where the driver had to escape from the car immediately and needed help from the paramedics to clean his eyes.

Afterwards, during the interview with the driver, he said that he was driving towards Langham’s Place and planned to take a u-turn to leave after recognising the police cordon line nearby New Town Mall, and that he had no intention to charge the police cordon line.




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