Tear gas canister hit fire truck and affected fireman, who argued with police but was pushed against and scolded in swear words; Police also targeted journalists with pepper spray

On 2 November night, police fired multiple rounds of tear gas canisters in Central and nearby areas to disperse the gathering civilians. It was suspected that one of the tear gas canisters had hit a fire truck parked at Queen’s Road Central.

A journalist of China Television filmed what happened on the scene. A fireman was discontented that the fire truck was hit by a tear gas canister, so he argued with the riot police. The police officer replied that he could not see it, and scolded the fireman with swear words. After a while, several riot police pushed the fireman against the wall and surrounded him.

During the process, two journalists went forward and filmed the incident. The riot police pushed against the reporters using the shield, asked them to retreat, called them as “black press” and asked them to “eat shit”. The police officer pepper sprayed the journalist, and the pepper spray hit the camera. The journalist asked angrily why the police officer called him as “black press” and declared that he did not attack the police.



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