Suspected Undercover Police Attack Civilians and Threaten Reporters before Escaping to Nearby Village

Between 3-4pm on 15th December, 7 individuals who dressed in all black (the typical clothing worn by protesters) attacked civilians in New Town Plaza using what are believed to be expandable batons. A few civilians were pressed to the floor. The individuals were suspected to be undercover police (police officers dressed as protesters), but did not reveal their true identity; no warrant cards nor identifiable operational call signs were shown. Therefore, it cannot be confirmed whether the individuals were police officers. Other civilians in the shopping mall went up and stopped the attack; the individuals (who were believed to be undercover police) left the mall successfully with the help of the mall’s security guards.

At 8pm, five men who acted suspiciously were spotted by civilians near the atrium area of New Town Plaza in Shatin, of which some were holding weapons such as hiking sticks, wooden walking stick etc. The civilians then started to yell at them, since they suspected that they were possibly plainclothes police officers. One of the individuals, who was dressed in black, and was holding a hiking stick, led the group to leave New Town Plaza via Citylink Plaza, proceeded to Pai Tau Estate, and headed towards Tai Wai via a footpath next to the train track. Reporters followed the group of men to request additional details regarding their identity and intention, but were insulted verbally and threatened with the weapons. The group of men then jumped onto a taxi and left.