Students form human chain just out of the school School receive calls from the Education Bureau and Police Force

The amendment of the arises secondary students to organize activities to express their political demands. On 9th of this month students from Liu Po Shan Memorial College formed a human chain in front of the school disturbing pro-democracy leaflets. Shortly after, the police and the Education Bureau called the school to show concerns of this issue. The school then immediately issued a notice claiming “students should not participate in any kind of political activity”, or they will follow instructions from the Education Bureau to punish all kinds of acts that are against the rules. The police force also admitted that the School Liaison Programme Contact Officer had called the school asking if they need any “assistance”. The legislative councillors questioned if the Bureau has given pressures to the school.

A participant of the human chain activity and also a F.5 student of that school, Chan (Pseudonym), claimed the school had taken an open attitude in response to the human chain and student strike before. For example, they arranged students who joined the strike to participate in a classroom. However, after raising the human chain activity days ago, the principal has suddenly announced that students cannot participate in any kind of political related activities outside school. He also issued a notice claiming that arguments in the society makes students puzzled. “School is a place to study, and should not be used as a platform to show their political stance,” He said. The principal, Law Ning Chi, has revealed the police and the Education Bureau has raised concerns by calling on that day.

Police Public Relations Branch said, it is the responsibility of the school contact officer to keep a close contact between school and them. Thus, school contact officer had consulted if the school need assistance from police after human chain activity. They received response from school that “it is not necessary at the moment” and so the police did not request a list of students who participated in the activity.

Legislative councillor of the education sector, Ip Kin Yuen, acknowledged the Education Bureau has looked into the situations of student strike, but never heard of the Bureau and police will actively calling schools for students activities such as human chain, and described the act as weird. In view of the situation of the society recently, the act of Education Bureau and the police calling school only aiming at the act of one student, Yip said, “It is hard not to understand it as a pressure to school by making a call like this.” He emphasized these kind of activities such as human chain are conducted in peace and should be respected by all means.

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