Student Under Arrest Framed and Left Bleeding inside Police Station

A 23-year old university student Mr HO was arrested by the police when he was filming in a food court inside the West Kowloon Mall in Sham Shui Po. He was first being accused of violating a court restriction order by including two off-duty police officers in plain clothes in his shots. The police later claimed that Mr HO was arrested for being suspected of assault and in possession of offensive weapon. He had been under custody for almost 48 hours before he was released on bail with $7000 surety. District Councilor Lee Man-ho who has been following up on the case revealed that, during a search against Mr Ho in the Sham Shui Po Police Station, a police officer once took out his pistol and rubbed it against Ho’s clothes to leave clothing fibres on the pistol, allegedly saying, “Do you think I can charge you with stealing police firearm and assaulting a police officer”. moreover, another police officer pushed Mr Ho’s head against the wall from behind while forcing him to put on a smile, which resulted in a bleeding nose for Mr Ho. Mr Ho later requested to have a medical examination and was sent to a hospital where the doctor confirmed that there was blood found inside his nose. Mr Ho was not charged with assaulting police officer nor stealing firearm from one in the end. Lee described the police’s action as outrageous and unacceptable.

As shown in an online clip, on 14-01-2020, while a young man was filming outside a restaurant in the food court of West Kowloon Mall, two men in plain clothes suddenly claimed to be police officers and accused the young man shooting of violation of court restriction order by invading the privacy of police officer. They claimed that the young man would be brought to the police station for further investigation. Many bystanders questioned their identities until one showed his police warrant card subsequently. Police later claimed that a 18cm flashlight was found in the possession of the concerned suspect and he was arrested for suspect assault and in possession of offensive weapon.