A claimed plainclothes police officer enforces law with baton but refuses to show his warrant card, falsely accusing others of ‘Assaulting a police officer’ and ‘Obstructing or resisting a police officer’

Two passengers who took Kowloon bus no. 2A arrived at Lok Wah Estate bus terminus.  They were pushed down to the ground and subdued by two suspected to be a plain clothed police.  The police officer took out his baton but didn’t beat the subdued.  The teenager subdued struggled and cried out for help.

It was reported the man in top with stripes claimed himself to be a plain clothes police officer. When the bus driver asked him to show his warrant card, he refused to do so.  He even threatened the bus driver of arresting him by the charge of assaulting police officer if he didn’t go away.

The man in stripes warned those who were shooting videos at the scene not to come close.  However, this clumsy officer tripped himself and fell off on the ground.  When he got up from the ground, he accused the subdued teenager of tripping him. This caused an uproar at the scene.

The video showed there were 4 to 5 suspected police officers at the scene. One of them wore a belt with a gun on it. It was suspected he might be a plain clothed police officer on duty. Then the bus driver asked the Probationary Inspector for the warrant number of that off-duty plain clothed police officer. The Inspector said, “You’d better shut up. If you speak again, I’ll charge you of obstructing the execution of police duty.” Later on, some Internet users pointed out PC20235 So Chi Fung and Wong Chun Lung were two of those plain clothed police officers at the scene. So Chi Fung kicked one of the teenagers. He even framed him of attacking a police officer and then arrested him. [1]

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