‘Slide tackled’ a French journalist and violently questioned and searched him

When the police was surrounding and evicting citizens at around Prince Edward and Mong Kok, a plainclothes officer ‘slide tackled’ from the back of a French journalist (grey shirt), he fell down at the pedestrian path and seemed to be horrified, he protected his head with his hand. Another journalist (Green reflective vest) that was taking photos on pedestrian path was stopped and searched together with the French reporter.

After being subdued and pressed against the floor by several riot police and Raptor, a seemed to be foreign reporter argued with the police. Another seems to be foreign journalist that was wearing a shirt written ‘PRESS’ was questioned about his source of his reflective vest, during that, riot police glared strobe lights at him and searched his personal properties. At last, the police evicted local reporters that were covering the scene, such that the identity and the safety of both foreign male could not be verified.

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United Social Press, USP

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