police Shoot tear gas and rubber bullets inside MTR station without prior warnings

Some protesters went to Kwai Fong MTR Station.  Riot Police (PTU) were there to disperse them.  They shot tear gas and rubber bullets inside the station.  Both the station staff and passengers inhaled tear gas.  A child was very scared and felt sick.  An elderly was too scared to move a finger.  A train captain’s eyes got swollen because of the tear gas and was sent to the hospital.  All the food in the station was contaminated.

The police responded to “Cable News” in the police press conference last night claiming that they didn’t shoot tear gas inside the station.  After “Apple Daily” confronted the police, they said they didn’t have the information.  They finally admitted in the police press conference today that they did shoot a round of tear gas in Kwai Fong MTR Station the night before, they explained that station was semi-open and it’s not a closed area.


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