Shoot bean bag rounds aiming at the head: protester’s eyeball burst

There was a conflict between the police and civilians outside Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station again yesterday.  One of the media shot a video of a pair of goggles which was left behind on the ground.  Its right side was shot through by a bean bag round.  A doctor speculated the chance for the victim to recover her vision was slim.  Her eyes would be in different sizes and she might not be able to keep her left eyeball.  According to the check-in information of the hospital, both of the victim’s eyeball and sclera burst, there were bone fractures too.  An ophthalmologist, Doctor Pong Chiu Fai Jeffrey, believed the victim’s eye was under a very strong pressure.

There was news online saying the victim’s eye was shot by the protesters’ steel ball but not by the police’s bean bag round.  However, NOW’s video clearly showed at the moment when the victim fell off on the ground, a bean bag round was stuck in the goggles.

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