“Shop with You” Participant Accused of Assaulting Police with Laser Pointer. Worker Complained of being Punched by the Police and Shot in the Eye with Bright Light at Close Range for 5 Minutes

On the afternoon of 15th December 2019, netizens initiated “Christmas Shop with You” at various shopping malls in Hong Kong. A car wash worker was accused of shooting a laser pen at a police inside a police car in Mong Kok. He was charged with two counts of assault on police officer and possession of offensive weapon. The case was arraigned in the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court today.

The defense complained that the Defendant was punched in the head by a police officer after being taken to a police car that day; On the way to the police station, his left eye was shone by two police officers with flashlights at a distance of 10-15 cm for five minutes; After arriving at the police station, there was a delay of more than 24 hours before he could see his lawyer. The defense asked the court to put these complaints on record.

Apple Daily