Shooting tear gas towards pavement Writer was shot in the eye and bled

During the clash at Mong Kok at 1/1 midnight, writer Tang Siu Wa’s left eye corner was shot by tear gas at Dundas Street pavement, blood ran through her face.

During media interview, Tang Siu Wa stated that she and her friends were planning to have a late-night supper after new year countdown. Walking on pavement towards south, they were already speeding up and trying to avoid the clash. When they arrived Dundas Street, Police suddenly shot tear gas grenade, 2 to 3 grenade was shot towards pavement. She failed to dodge and her left eye was shot. Her glasses flew off and her eye corner was bleeding. She said that there were not much pedestrians and people were not gathering. “I could not expect that I would be hit even I am on a pavement.” She claimed that police “was purposely shooting towards pavements” Tang Siu Wa criticized that the government stated that they want to restore peace in the new year, yet police still have “no mercy” when they shoot. ” In their eyes, everyone on the pavements, everyone on the streets, deserves to die.” She then posted on Facebook reporting that she is safe and well-treated , saying ” Disband Hong Kong Police, No more delay.”


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