Several police officers taking selfie with top grade protective clothing during operation, not the first time with full protective clothing while non-emergencies, wasting valuable resource

At late night of the 10th of February, residents of flat A07 of all floors from Tsing Yi Cheung Hong Estate evacuated because there is a potential outbreak of Wuhan Pneumonia virus throughout the whole building. A group of seemed to be police officers were taking selfies with high class protective clothing, while some medical staff workers and firefighters were working hard with just regular level protective clothing.

Medical staff in public hospital are facing the threat of insufficient protective clothing, the stock will be out within a month. On the other hand, chief executive Carrie Lam’s confidant, the Hong Kong Police are repeatedly seen at scenes that are completely unrelated to rescuing patients with full protective clothing on, so that they are under criticism of abusing tax payers’ resources and plundering medical staff’s resources.

At the press conference on 10th of February, Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, the incumbent Secretary for Food and Health was questioned whether she would request the Hong Kong Police to return those resources, she then stuttered ‘Of course the Department of Health should aim at these personnel, like going to their homes… etc, or providing meals, we have got corresponding guidelines, we will further look into to that as well.’

A reporter was dissatisfied with her ambiguous answer, then asked whether they need to return the protective clothing and claimed that Chan had not answered the question. Chan then answered ‘In fact the Hospital Authority is responsible for purchasing their own protective clothing, of course we the government would prioritize our medical staff in obtaining protective clothing that we purchased, especially in the situation of global shortage on protective clothing, it must be the utmost priority.’

The Hong Kong Police responds that they have already formulated a working guideline concerning the combat against the plague, ensuring there are sufficient protective resources available for personnels, in order to comply with the regulations and suggestions from the Centre of Health Protection under the Department of Health, and to execute suitable contingency measures.

Cap.232A Police (Discipline) Regulations Part 1 No. 3:

(2)The offences against discipline are—
(a)absence from duty without leave or good cause;
(c)conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline;

Police General Orders Chapter 6 No. 6-01:

42. A police officer on duty is expected to concentrate on his/her duties. An officer may 01/07 carry and is permitted reasonable use of private communications equipment, such as mobile phones and devices with electronic data storage capability, but shall observe the following:-
(a) the use of such does not interfere with the discharge of the officer’s duties;
(b) the manner or purpose of such use does not tarnish the Force image; and
(c) when in uniform such equipment is kept on silent / vibrate mode and concealed to ensure it does not detract from the officer’s overall appearance.


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