Seemed to be falsely accusing residents of Tai Wo Estate for ‘Obstructing or resisting a police officer’

The voluntary team Tai Wo Concern uploaded the CCTV on 12 August during the operations of police at Tai Wo Estate after the police’ press conference, as well as some videos filmed by citizens. They suspected the police was smearing the residents of Tai Wo Estate. The Tai Wo Concern claimed that as shown from the videos, police officers and firefighters were obviously not obstructed when they were heading upstairs. There was no one held the elevator’s door open to hinder police officers to go upstairs. Besides, the police claimed that there were more than 50 people shouted at the police. In fact, it was the police refused to show warrant cards and get registered by security guards in the first place, so that the residents demanded them to follow the rules and be registered by security guards. The Tai Wo Concern pointed out that the video shown by the police at the press conference was actually the video of the plainclothes officers were unwilling to have their information recorded, so that residents followed the police car with anger. During that, no operation was hindered and the police car was not surrounded. It proved the actual situation was completely opposite of what the Senior Superintendent of Police at the Police Public Relations Branch Tse Chun-chung said at the press conference.

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