Riot police taunted Legislative Councillors by glaring strobe lights at them and insulted them as ‘Trash-gislative Councillors’

After the Civil Human Rights Front’s New Year Rally being forced to an end by the police, several masked police officers taunted the citizens continuously at Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay. They insulted the citizens and journalists as ‘trash’ and ‘corrupted journalists’ respectively. When Legislative Councillor Roy Kwong Chun-yu was supervising the law enforcers, he was insulted by riot police as ‘rubbish’ and told to go back to the ‘Rubbish Legislative Council’ for no reason, he was also flashed with strobe lights together with other citizens at the scene by the police.

After Kwong read the identifiable operational call signs of those police that were out of control loudly, the riot police that was flashing strobe lights at him immediately switched the torch off and pulled his mask upwards to cover his face, which seemed to be awkward.

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