Riot Police storm into CUHK campus and randomly intercept students

Approximately 40 riot police officers entered the Chinese University of Hong Kong and brought away 5 CUHK students without giving prior notification or gaining approval from the security unit at 2 am today (6 October). The students concerned were brought to the exit of MTR station for a search, during which the police pointed pepper spray at the students at the scene. The Student Union of Chung Chi College of CUHK strongly condemned the Police for conducting searches in the university areas without notification and bringing the students away from the university areas without reasonable suspicion for execution of duties.

In its statement issued on facebook at 3 am today, the Student Union recounted that the facilities inside the MTR University Station were, as told by the Security Unit of the university, damaged at around 2 am. The MTR staff was alerted to the incident and reported the case to the Police. Upon arrival at the scene, approximately 40 riot police officers entered the area of Exit A of the MTR University Station, where the Goddess of Democracy statue was placed. They took away 5 CUHK students to Exit B for a search. Meanwhile, 4 students who passed by the scene at that time were intercepted by the police. Another CUHK sudent who passed by the scope of search was also stopped and told that the location was cordoned.

A committee member of the Student Union arrived at the scene to conduct a live broadcast, when the Police shouted and aimed strong beams at him. Requesting everyone to back off, a police officer even pointed pepper spray at the students. The committee member observed that there were 9 police cars at the scene, and the riot police officers were armed with rifles, round shields and batons.

The students who had been searched told the press that the they were intercepted by the police officers without reasonable suspicion, and that the latter refused to explain the reason for such interception. Most of the police officers, who scolded the students with foul language while conducting the search, did not show their Unique Identification number or warrant cards.


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