Riot police refuses to press charge on suspect of assault

Around 23:00 near Ching Ho Estate, a 50-year-old man chased down three young men with knife. One of them had small wound on his thumb. Police refused to press any charge on the suspect and stating, “the cut could be an accident in the middle of the conflict. We are not sure if he(the suspect) is hurting others on purpose.”

Minor injury found on the thumb of the young man. Police described the injury as chapped skin. However, a candidate of district council election Chiang Man-ching doubted that there should not be knife during conflict. Another candidate Yuen Ho-lun at scene also questioned why the police would not press charge on possession of offensive weapons even though they may not be certain about the assault. Police replied that the suspect has chronic mental illness and requires medication. They also claimed that “he(the suspect) does not remember he has caused pain to others.”

The neighbour was dissatisfied as living in the neighbourhood would be dangerous, for example he may attack child, if no action would be taken by the police. But police insisted the young men involved were not children. The crowd continued to question, “they are lucky to be safe. And you(police) do not press any charges now. Would you only press charge when there is any casualty?” During the discussion, another teenager who was being attacked sobbed because he was worried about his friend though he was not injured.  “There is no direct connection between not pressing charge and the assault. Moreover, he would not be sentenced to life imprisonment. He is certainly going home.” Police said.

Police sent the suspect on ambulance, and refused to tell if he would be arrested, only saying “we have fulfilled our responsibility by sending him to the hospital.” Chiang shook his head and claimed “it is impossible not to look into the incident.” Police doubted Chiang’s comment as he was neither a witness nor a victim. Police stated they had very limited evidence at the moment. They have no CCTV and witness. Plus they cannot find the knife for assault. Yet Yuen argued, “I saw your colleagues picked up the knife!” Officers at site clarified they were only responsible for front line duties. Crime Investigation Division(CID) was responsible for decision on prosecution.

In Ching Ho Estate, civilian found a cleaver. Nevertheless, according to the three teens, the suspect was holding a serrated fruit knife and did not recall anything like a cleaver. In the end, the young man pointed out, “I will give up on any investigation in order to be safe.”

In the mean time, neighbours kept on assembling and screaming at police. A water bag was dropped to the pack. People deployed laser beam to that apartment immediately and scolded at the other party. “How can you play blind when people are dropping items from above? You are equipped with full gear! How can you just walk away!” Civilians yelled at Police Tactical Unit(PTU) officers when they failed to handle the incident and left instantly.

Journalist followed Chiang and Yuen to North District Hospital and pursued officers why they did not tackle the intentional object dropping incident. Police in the hospital declared, “It is not like this. The condition was chaotic back then. People are emotional upon our arrival.”