Riot police (PTU) pull elderly man to the road and pressed him to the ground

On 8th March 2020, Tai Po residents demonstrated in their district to oppose the designated COVID-19 clinic in the area. A large number of Police Tactical Unit (PTU) officers went to stand guard around Tai Po Centre in the morning. A few people were stopped and searched. At around 4pm, more than a hundred people walked onto On Cheung Road. Some of them blocked the traffic with objects so PTU officers immediately raised a blue flag. They rushed forward to subdue several people and fired pepper spray. Some citizens and television cameramen were sprayed on their faces. During the operation, several PTU officers rushed into the crowd to subdue an elderly man. The man was pressed to the ground and then took away.

Basic Law Article 28:
The freedom of the person of Hong Kong residents shall be inviolable. No Hong Kong resident shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful arrest, detention or imprisonment.

Laws of Hong Kong Cap. 232A Police (Discipline) Regulations Part 1:
3. Disciplinary offences:
(2) The offences against discipline are—
(k) unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority resulting in loss or injury to any other person or to the Government;

Laws of Hong Kong Cap. 212 Offences against the Person Ordinance Article 39:
Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
Any person who is convicted of an assault occasioning actual bodily harm shall be guilty of an offence triable upon indictment, and shall be liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

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