Riot Police (PTU) provokes surrounding citizens without wearing a face mask

On 29th February, 2020, A PTU officer (UI Number: PTU X4 1/1) wearing the badges “badass” and “Serving HK with Honor, Duty and Loyalty”, went around Shantung St. in Mong Kok and provoked surrounding citizens without wearing a face mask.

Cap. 232 Police (Discipline) Regulations Part 1 No.3:

(2)The offences against discipline are—

(c)conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline;
(j)making a statement which is false in a material particular in the course of his duty or in connexion with the discharge by the police force of any of its duties or functions;

Police General Orders Chapter 15 No. 15-01
An officer shall:-

(a) not vary any item of uniform or dress issued by the Force unless authorized by the Commissioner (ACP SUP);
(e) only wear Force insignia appropriate for his rank. If appointed to act in another rank senior to his own, that officer shall only wear the Force insignia for that rank for the period specified;

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