Riot Police (PTU) intentionally wears warrant card badge backwards

On 29th February, the 6-month-anniversary of the 831 incident, rounds after rounds of tear gas as well as pepper spray were fired in Prince Edward amid the many clashes between the protesters and police officers. An officer on duty was seen by reporters to intentionally turn over his warrant card, which, as covered, could not be read.

Cap. 232A “Police (Discipline) Regulations” Part 1 No. 3:
(2)The offences against discipline are—
(c)conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline;
(m)conduct calculated to bring the public service into disrepute.

“Police General Order” Chapter 6 No.6-01:
31. A police officer, unless on duty in disguise, shall deport and attire himself/herself and appear at all times in a manner likely to reflect credit on the Force.

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