Riot Police lie about retreat 5 minutes before wildly firing shots at CUHK campus (afternoon)

On Campus Circuit East, No. 2 Bridge, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Ms. Lavender Cheung, the director of the CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office said, after a discussion with the police, that the riot police were willing to pull the cordon line back towards the security guard post on the No. 2 Bridge, with five police officers staying on the bridge. She also conveyed the police’s hope that the students would not push their line of defense.

The police immediately broke their promise in less than one minute by wilding shooting tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at the students, provoking counter-attacks from the students with gasoline bombs and bricks. The sound of gunshots did not cease for a moment in the 15 munites of their continued battle. The line of defense of the CUHK students retreated, and at least three were arrested by the police, their gas masks and eye masks torn off.  The riot police advanced into the CUHK campus and shot multiple tear gas canisters into the Haddon Cave Sports Field.

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