Riot Police Forcefully Remove Reporter’s Gas Mask, Threatens with Pepper Spray

Last night, civilians from different districts followed call for “take a walk on the streets” to protest police brutality, and to support the 15 years old secondary school student who was shot by police in the chest with live round. The walk resulted in a clash between police and civilians, many were hurt and arrested. Some police disrupted reporters’ reporting during the arrests, the police stripped gas masks off reporters. Then, threatened reporters to leave immediately with pepper spray.

As seen in the video, a large number of riot police was present and already arrested many demonstrators. When Ming Pao News reporter approached to record the situation, 3 riot police stopped him. One of the riot police continued to point his pepper spray at the reporter, demanding him to leave immediately. The reported approached to reason with the riot police. Another riot police took out his pepper spray from his belt, and stripped the reporter’s gas mask with his left hand and threw it on the floor. The reporter stepped back, the riot police did not use his pepper spray and only used it to intimidate the reporter.



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