Riot Police Attacking Protesters by Throwing Rubbish Bin from Footbridge

AFP correspondent Yan Zhao uploaded on her personal Twitter account a 45-second video filmed on 1 Oct 2019, showing the riot police throwing a rubbish bin off a footbridge in Wan Chai at protesters.

As shown in the video, protesters holding umbrellas were retreating from Wan Chai towards Causeway Bay along smoke-billowing Gloucester Road.  When they were crossing O-Brien Road, a squad of riot police appeared on the footbridge above, carrying riot shields and long guns.  One riot police suddenly threw a rubbish bin (orange in colour) off the bridge at the retreating protesters below.  The bin hit the ground with a loud bang but, under the thick smoke, it was unclear whether the bin injured anybody.  The riot police at the footbridge then recklessly fired rounds of tear gas at the running protesters below.




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