Reporter shot by water cannon and suffers from cerebral hemorrhage and hindbrain fracture

On 17th November at 3pm, A Mad Dog Daily reporter was shot purposely by the police’s water cannon, causing serious injury on the head and back. The reporter was then sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Leung Kam Cheung, Editor in chief of Mad Dog Daily, confirmed that the reporter suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and hindbrain fracture, surgery is needed for
drawing out blood stasis

Leung Kam Cheung stated that the reporter was not reporting in any protesting area yet was still shot by water cannon. Even though he wore protective gear, his head and back was still seriously hurt and he lost consciousness. His camera was broken and he was sent to hospital with the help of people at scene.

Mad Dog Daily expressed their anger against brutality of the government and the police force since June, especially attacking front-line reporters purposely. They describe these despicable act as murdering and is far beyond the bottom line of human civilization. They must condemn the brutality of the government, seek all remedies available at law and request for compensation.


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