Reckless use of tear gas hitting bus drivers and passengers

Around 11:35 p.m., riot police fired rounds of tear gas in the southbound lane of the junction of Argyle Street and Nathan Road in Mong Kok filled with buses and motor vehicles, dispersing a group of mostly reporters and a few protesters.  As a result, the windshield of a private vehicle was hit by a tear gas canister.  A KMB double decker bus was stuck, while the bus driver and many passengers felt unwell after inhaling the gas, covering their face with bare hands.

On-site volunteer first-aiders immediately came to the passengers’ aid.  Those who were alright left covering their face, some required assistance in disembarking the bus.  All passengers were evacuated in around 5 minutes.  The bus driver, who was the most affected, appeared to be in pain and rested on the steering wheel.

A first-aider helped the driver rinse his face and offered his own mask.  However, the driver was still severely unwell and could not stand on his feet.  Almost stumbled, he had to rest on his seat before leaving the bus.

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