Raptors criticized reporters as ‘corrupted’ and ‘story writers’ and glared strobe lights at them

During the dispersal action of Special Tactics Squad (Raptor) at Causeway Bay last night, they told reporters to stand aside or else they bear their own risks. After that, a police officer labelled reporters as corrupted after someone threw a molotov cocktail, so reporters questioned his statement on the spot. The officer responded that ‘You reporters always cover protesters to throw molotov cocktails at us, go and check your videos if you are still unclear’.

A member from the Raptor criticized all the news that was reported by Apple Daily were all made up stories, and called all the reporters as ‘corrupted journalists’: Then he asked when did Apple Daily and The Stand News ever report a piece of factual news, and asked whether ‘rioters’ were hiding in journalists’ vehicles. At last, that Raptor officer ended the conversation with ‘corrupted journalists are still corrupted journalists’, falsely accusing reporters of denouncing TVB.

Hong Kong Citizen News

Campus TV, HKUSU