PTU swore district councilor “Go die, roach!”

Crudely forced to leave by police, Andrew CHIU Ka-yin identified himself as a district councilor and claimed to exercise his duties to monitor police operation. Yet, a PTU officer flashed the helmet headlight on the eyes of Chiu, threatening him to leave immediately.

Chiu warned the police to restrain excessive force as journalists were filming. “I am the district councilor. Couldn’t you see that I am leaving? I am a member of Eastern District Fight Crime Committee. I get the phone number of the district commander!” Cops lost in emotions, roaring at Chiu that “what the heck of crime have you troublemaker ever fought? Go die, roach! Crap! Fxxk your mom!”

Chiu was shocked and enraged by police’s aggressive language. “By what authority did you swear me? I am just exercising my duties to monitor your work!”