PTU Inspector threatened girl, “We arrest you; whatever we wish to do to you.”

On October 21, 2019 at night, a girl wearing a face mask in order not to spread the flu she has caught was stopped and searched by a group of PTU (Police Tactical Unit) in Yuen Long Road. One of the PTU members who claimed himself as Inspector Cheuk threatened to arrest the girl for shoplifting on the ground that she was unable to provide the receipt of one of her possessions, which was bought two months before, on the spot. The reporter then received report from the girl that Inspector Cheuk whispered threats to her, “We can do whatever we want to you,” “Yeah, intimidating you right now – so what,” and “Who do you think you are; you get help and we we get you to the station to do whatever we wish,” during the search. Fortunately, the reporter has arrived at the scene during the PTU search which manages to save the girl from an intentional but yet unjust arrest.


Link to the footage:

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