PSU Officer Had Too Much Fun With His Baton in Police Station

Police had recently issued 10000 extensible batons to off-duty officers, claiming officers would strictly follow guidelines when it comes to usage of batons, and that they would not “play” with their equipment.

However, one day after the arrangement, a video of a PSU officer fiddling with his baton popped up on the Internet, instantly turning the previous official claim into nothing but an empty promise. Additionally, some alleged Whatsapp conversations between officers were leaked that says “we have the responsibility of upholding our reputation”, and “please stop spreading the video”.

The video turned out to have became viral on the Internet. Senior superintendent (Media Liaison and Communication) (Police Public Relations Branch) KONG Wing Cheung said the police had paid close attention to the video, and upon investigation, it was confirmed to be filmed in February 2018, and the man was an officer guarding the firearm storage in a police station. He clarified the incident was unrelated to the recent issuing of batons.




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