Protesters injured by live rounds. Police representative claims the involved police officer who moved the wounded was unaware of the injury

The incident of traffic cop shooting protester with live round in Sai Wan Ho, police representative explains that the police officer involved in the incident was reinforcement and just arrived the scene, he moved the body of the protester after shooting because he was “unaware of the injury”. Kong reaffirms, he does not agree that moving the injured protester is inappropriate.

The Senior Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch KONG Wing Cheung said, “At that moment he (the involved police officer) was intended to manage the arrested protester and was unaware about his (the arrested protester) injury. He (the police officer) was trying to tie the arrested protester’s hands with cable strap, when the police officer attempted to turn the protester around after tying one of his hands, the police found the protester has been shot. As all of you can see, only one hand of the protester was handcuffed, not both hands. Our colleague already tried best to stop unnecessary actions once he realised the protester’s injury.