Pro democracy Church watched by the police during worship

The “Good Neighborhood North District Church”, which for the past six months had actively supported the anti-extradition bill campaign, suspects that they are under the police’s watch-list recently. The church said that during a worship on Sunday (March 1), uniformed police officers were dispatched to find out if there was a “public assembly”. And during the worship on March 7 there were multiple police cars and what seemed to be plainclothes officers nearby. The church questions if the authorities are spreading white terror in order to suppress religious freedom.

The church wrote in their Facebook page that four police cars passed the church entrance from 2 to 6 pm, and three of them passed during the one-hour worship. Church members who worshiped outdoors found that at least two suspected plainclothes officers were watching nearby and were sneaking around. The church suspected that the plainclothes officers were monitoring the worship.

The church also revealed that three uniformed police officers arrived at about 12:00 noon on March 1 to find out if the church had a “public assembly” that required their assistance. The police officers left a minute later. The police operation briefly interrupted the worship. Some witty church members indicated that “to understand the public assembly” is just a false pretense and the police’s true intent to intimidate is plain for all to see.

Located in Fanling, the church has actively supported the anti-extradition bill campaign in recent months. Preacher Chen Kai Xing is one of the founders of the “Protect our kids campaign”. He once initiated a hunger strike in Admiralty. He was arrested on the night of the New Year’s Day march.