Police Torturing Protester During Arrest, Leaving Behind Blood Puddles at Cordoned Area

At around 9pm, when the police were hunting for protesters at streets in Mong Kok, a protester was put onto the ground at Tung Choi Street. Although the subdued protester did not try to resist, he was still hit in the head repeatedly by a Special Tactics Squad (Raptor) officer. Blood could be seen from the top of the protester’s head.
During that, reporters attempted to approach the injured protester to take photos, yet they were driven out by two police officers ‘PTU Z2 2/8’ and ‘PTU Z_ 1/8’. The two officers kept pushing reporters away, as well as flashing strobe lights at cameras to obstruct them covering the scene. Reporters returned to the location after a short while, they found out that blood stains could be seen on the floor and objects like plastic bag and beer cans. Citizens nearby claimed that they witnessed police officers placed those objects on the blood stains, suspecting that they were trying to cover the stains.



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